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About a month ago I joined Steve Bostedor and Dave Buchanan as a guest on their podcast The App Show.  We talked about the development process, dealing with the App Store from the developer’s side, and sales.  This was the first time I’d publicly spoken about my sales.  Since then, the sales numbers have continued to climb.  Air Hockey sales are now over 180,000.

Here’s a little history.  Air Hockey was originally envisioned as a simple 2-player only game, but has grown quite a bit since its initial launch on July 29th.  We listened to users’ requests and released an update including a new one player mode on August 23rd.  Our one player mode AI is arguably the most advanced of an air hockey-type game in the App Store.  Since then, we expanded our original 3 difficulty settings to include Expert and INSANE! modes.  Within 2 weeks of the 1-player update, Air Hockey became the #1 ranked game for sale in the App Store.  On November 11th, we added the option to play with one or two pucks.  Our Air Hockey is the only game of its kind in the App Store with this capability.  A couple weeks ago, we added OpenAL sound support which renders the sound in 3D space.

Apple just announced the top selling applications in the App Store for 2008 (iTunes link).  We were ecstatic to see our Air Hockey right at the top of the charts as the #7 selling game out of roughly 3,000 games in the App Store.  It’s also listed as #12 out of roughly 10,000 applications in the App Store.

Acceleroto‘s off to a strong start.  We have another great game on the way.  Standby for more fun!

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  1. Sebastien says:

    180,000 downloads at $.99…. 70% of that going to you… that’s over $120,000 in sales, right? Man, you’re banking on this one! Congrats.

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