Air Hockey Free – climbing the iPhone App Store charts

Air Hockey Free was released a few days ago and already over 7,000 people have downloaded it. It appeared in the US iPhone App Store late on Feb 4th (Wednesday). We posted a link to the App Store on twitter which spawned an iTunes review from and a retweet mini review, “Love the realistic motion!” On the 5th, it was available worldwide. Downloads were roughly the same on the 5th & 6th, and jumped by almost 1000 on the 7th (Saturday).

After some serious App Store Top Free chart digging in just about every category, our best guesstimate showed Air Hockey Free to be in the number 300 spot out of all free applications by mid-day on the 6th. Now early morning on the 8th, Air Hockey Free is the number 40 spot in free Arcade games and the number 4 spot in free Kids games. Our Acceleroto Center for Supercomputing now estimates that based on the last 24 hour’s sales, Air Hockey Free is teetering just outside the top 100 free games in the App Store & isn’t too far from the top 100 of all free apps.

Date & Downloads
2/4/09 – 81
2/5/09 – 1894
2/6/09 – 1798
2/7/09 – 2658

Alright, so here’s the deal. Apple does not allow “demos” in their App Store. They do, however, allow “free” and “lite” apps. Users beg for demos. Air Hockey Free is not (officially) a demo. Do the math though. Much like many other free apps out there, Air Hockey Free is designed to show you just enough of the game so that you’ll figure out if you like it or not. If you like it and you want more options and harder difficulty settings, it’s time to think about upgrading. We’ve made it easy for you. Right there on the setup screen (double tap on the Acceleroto logo when you’re playing a game), there’s a button that takes you directly to the Air Hockey page on your iPhone or touch.

Air Hockey is just $0.99 and offers 4 more difficulty settings & more table color options. You haven’t beaten Air Hockey until you’ve won playing 2-puck INSANE!

Air Hockey Free

It’s too early to tell a trend of conversions from Air Hockey Free to Air Hockey, but so far it looks like there’s about a 1% conversion rate. We’ll continue to post download numbers for Air Hockey & Air Hockey Free. Look for it soon in the top 100!

Download Air Hockey Free and spread the word!

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4 Responses to Air Hockey Free – climbing the iPhone App Store charts

  1. Bryan Duke says:

    More download numbers:
    2/8/09 – 2950
    2/9/09 – 2026
    2/10/09 – 2313 (#33 arcade game & #4 kids game)
    2/11/09 – 2317 (same ranking as yesterday – Air Hockey promo on toucharcade ended yesterday)
    2/12/09 – 2600

  2. Bryan Duke says:

    2/13/09 – 2794 (#34 arcade game & #4 kids game)
    2/14/09 – 3867 (#34 arcade game & #3 kids game)

  3. Bryan Duke says:

    Update: Air Hockey Free is now the #99 free game in the App Store. Go baby go! (#30 Arcade & #3 kids)

  4. Very cool, I love hockey and that app looks killer!

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