Air Hockey Free – still climbing the App Store charts

Air Hockey Free was released 12 days ago and it’s daily downloads continue to grow. Over 30,000 people have now downloaded Air Hockey Free. Over the weekend, downloads per day roughly doubled and the App Store ranking in free games went from approximately #110 to #99 last night to #91 this morning.

Not to get too excited yet, those numbers are just for games & that still places Air Hockey Free well outside the top 100 apps in the App Store. Today, the #46 game is the last free game in the top 100 overall.

Air Hockey Free downloads - as of Feb 15, 2009

We expect downloads take the normal Monday hit, but hopefully being in the top 100 games will combat that a little.  Stay tuned for more of the Air Hockey Free story!  Get it at the App Store link below.

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8 Responses to Air Hockey Free – still climbing the App Store charts

  1. nattylux says:

    Thanks for the stats – congrats on the success!

    How are the free sales translating to the paid sales?

    • Bryan Duke says:

      It’s still too early to tell how much impact the free version is having on the paid version. Hopefully AH Free downloads will skyrocket now & I’ll have more statistically significant numbers to report. 😀

      Air Hockey Free just jumped to the #88 free game spot.

  2. Bryan Duke says:

    #84 now…climbing quickly!

  3. Bryan Duke says:

    2/16/09 – 4813 (Monday – #81 in free games)
    2/17/09 – 4402

  4. Bryan Duke says:

    2/18/09 – 4313 (#82 in free games as of midnight 2/19/09 – #2 kids & #27 arcade)
    2/19/09 – 5686

  5. Bryan Duke says:

    2/20/09 – 6766 (Friday – big Saturday on the way?)

  6. Bryan Duke says:

    2/21/09 – 8521 (#82 free game as of 8am on 2/22/09)

  7. Bryan Duke says:

    2/22/09 – 9451 Air Hockey Free is #3 overall in the German App Store! – #80 free game in the US App Store.

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