Air Hockey for webOS…coming soon to a Palm Pre or Pixi near you!

Our upcoming (and no longer secret) Air Hockey for webOS was mentioned in Palm’s quarterly earnings call by Jon Rubinstein, the CEO of Palm.

“The introduction of Pixi has also helped us demonstrate the scalability of Web OS and how applications can easily span our family of Web OS products. As an example, we invited Acceleroto, the developer of the popular mobile air hockey game, to build a Web OS app for demonstration at the Pixi announcement. Acceleroto’s application was built in weeks, not months. It runs on both Pre and Pixi and the developers never required access to an actual Pixi device during their development period. Acceleroto is just one of many partners already taking advantage of the speed, efficiency, and scalable environment offered by Web OS. We will be unveiling our full developer program this fall, including a commerce solution, support for application distribution, and an opening of the catalog to public submissions.”

Air Hockey for Pre screenshot 005

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