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With roughly 150,000 apps in theGPS Location App Store, “there’s an app for that” is almost always true.  Surprisingly, I looked for an app the other day & couldn’t find exactly what I needed.  I fired up my computerized telescope the other day and needed to know my location & time in a specific format.

I didn’t have a handheld GPS, but I did have my iPhone.  I searched the App Store for “GPS Location” and there wasn’t an app with that name.  Huh?  I did find an app that gave me my coordinates, but they weren’t in the right format for what I needed.  So, I had to flip back & forth between the GPS app and the calculator to do the conversion myself.  Not cool.

So, here is GPS Location.  It’s super easy to use.  You launch the app and the GPS automatically fires up.  It figures out your location & shows your position on a map.  It displays your latitude & longitude in three different formats (DD.DDDDD, DD-MM.MMM and DD-MM-SS.S). If you scroll the map around, it updates the coordinates to match the center of the map.

I also needed time to the second.  You can’t get time to the second on the iPhone – huh!?  So, GPS Location also shows that too.  If you care about your lat/long, you probably care about the Greenwich Mean Time, so that’s what you get.  If you want to see the local time, just look in the status bar.

Check out GPS Location in the App Store.  Available soon.  Just $0.99.

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  1. GPS tracker says:

    WOW, it's quite clear, many GPS tracking app offers location movements in 2D.

  2. GPS is a powerful means to view your location, and get directions to anywhere you want to go.

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