Doodle Hockey Promo Codes!

If you haven’t checked out Doodle Hockey, you really should.  We took the core fun from our #1 best selling Air Hockey and made it run buttery smooth and even more fun.  It’s complete with multiple themes, real-time particle effects (explosions!) and rocket-fast real physics action.  Here are a few promo codes for Doodle Hockey.  The first to redeem these in iTunes will get the full version of Doodle Hockey for free.  Check it out & post back what you think.

To redeem a code, open iTunes on your computer, click “iTunes Store” on the left, then click “Redeem” on the right.  If you’re on your iPhone or iPod touch, open the App Store, go to “Featured,” then scroll to the bottom & select “Redeem.”

Doodle Hockey promo codes:

Happy Labor Day!  Share with your friends & have fun!

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4 Responses to Doodle Hockey Promo Codes!

  1. imabuddha says:

    Thanks! I used the 6KK… code.

  2. Eruiz247 says:

    Just missed the promo codes. Apple didn't let me do it from my iPad last night.

  3. Are there any more promo codes available?

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