New Acceleroto Website!

Welcome to our new website!  Back in 2008, Acceleroto was formed and its first website came to life.  It was time for a huge update.  With the amazing help of We Heart Games, the new site is now unleashed to the world.  It’s straightforward and clean.  We love it!

Browse around.  Kick the tires.  And….don’t forget to download our new game Invasion Strike Free.

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  1. Bill Hayden says:

    Hello, hopefully this comment sheet will reach Bryan Duke, I could sure use some help.
    I am currently struggling with the same issues as Bryan’s post of Aug 2010. I have the mid 2010 Mac Pro with the 5870 graphics card. I have (3) HP monitors with HDMI inputs. I am using the Sierra OS.

    First part of Bryan’s post:

    Subject: “2010 Mac Pro with 5870 – 3 monitors not working”

    “I just got a new 2010 2.4GHz 8-core Mac Pro with a 5870. The tech specs say that I can drive 3 monitors with that card,
    however it’s only letting me drive two. I have two Mini DisplayPort-to-DVI adapters connected to two Samsung P2770HD
    monitors at 1920×1080 resolution and the DVI port connected to a Samsung T260 at 1920×1200. I’m using DVI-D cables on
    When I connect all three monitors, the two monitors connected to the Mini DisplayPorts are detected, but the monitor
    connected to the DVI port isn’t. If I unplug one of the DisplayPort monitors, the DVI monitor is detected and works fine.
    The only note on the tech specs page says:
    “2. Connecting more than three displays requires installation of two ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics cards.”
    Hitting “Detect Displays” on the Displays System Preferences page doesn’t detect the 3rd monitor. I’ve tried rebooting,
    sleeping, disconnecting, etc – no luck.
    Any suggestions? Thanks,
    2010 Mac Pro, 8-core, 2.4 GHz, 8GB, 5870, Mac OS X (10.6.4), 3 monitors”

    Last part of all posts for this subject that I could find:

    “Aug 28, 2010 3∶52 PM in response to Malcolm Rayfield
    That’s a good point Malcolm.
    I just finished writing down everything I’ve learned about using three monitors here:
    setting-up-a-2010-mac-pro-with- 3-monitors-read-this-first/
    If you guys see any errors there, please let me know. Hopefully that helps someone.
    Aug 28, 2010 3∶52 PM”

    The final posting that I could find was not complete but it led me to the Acceleroto Website.

    I know this is a long shot request. Was the issue resolved?? I was not able to access Bryan’s blog ”
    setting-up-a-2010-mac-pro-with- 3-monitors-read-this-first/”

    Thanks in advance.

    Bill Hayden

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