NOTE: The built-in search function in Private is currently broken because of changes at Google. Private still works by typing in a web address (URL) in the top address bar. You can type in your favorite search engine here (including Google) or just type in the address of the web page you’d like to view.

Private is a web browser for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. When you launch Private, a local Google custom search page is loaded. You can browse wherever you’d like including password protected sites like Gmail and Hotmail. When you are done browsing and close the app, your cookies are automatically deleted. Just to be sure they’re gone, all cookies are deleted again when you launch the app the next time. Private does not display history data in the address field.

Using Private is very similar to other browsers. Just enter a web page address (URL) in the address box at the top of the screen and hit go. If you’d like to search for something, simply enter your search into the search box. If you’ve navigated away from the search page and want to get back, just tap the search icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

If a web page has an error loading, you will see an exclamation mark on the bottom toolbar. Instead of popping up an annoying alert, this is your indication that something didn’t work right.

Important notes:

  • Private can not stop web pages from collecting information about you. For example, if a search engine records your IP address and uses that to remember your search history…well, then that search engine will remember your search history. Check the privacy policies of every web site you visit to be sure you understand how your data is being used.
  • iOS 7 now takes a screenshot of every app around the time you close it. These screenshots are used to show you what each of your apps was doing when you are switching between apps. We do everything we can to hide what you were doing from getting captured for the app switching view (something the built-in browser does not do).  However, we don’t control with the operating system takes these screenshots, so we can’t promise that iOS 7 won’t capture something you didn’t someone else to see. If you are viewing important things like bank account info, you may want to double tap the home button to see what the screenshot looks like.

If you are still reading this, hit the search button and surf!
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