Game Prototyping – Rounded Cube 3d Model

One of my favorite parts of game development is prototyping new game ideas.  My game engine of choice is Unity.  Unity is not only great for “full” games, it’s great for prototypes too.  When I build prototypes in Unity, I … Continue reading

Invasion Strike – Make An iPhone Game In A Weekend

While a giant portion of the game developer crowd was in San Francisco for a week at GDC, I made a new game.  As you might expect, it’s not a Mass Effect 3 type of effort…but it’s still a fun … Continue reading

Air Hockey for Mac – available on the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store opens for business on January 6th.  Acceleroto will be there with a special Mac version of our award-winning Air Hockey. Air Hockey is currently the top-ranked paid air hockey type game in the iOS App Store … Continue reading

WWDC 101 – Guide to An Awesome WWDC