Air Hockey for Mac – available on the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store opens for business on January 6th.  Acceleroto will be there with a special Mac version of our award-winning Air Hockey.

Air Hockey is currently the top-ranked paid air hockey type game in the iOS App Store on both the iPhone and the iPad.  Our free & paid iOS versions have been downloaded by millions of people.  Air Hockey’s been a staple in the App Store since the beginning and topped the charts as the #1 paid game.  Apple featured the iOS version numerous times in the App Store and in Apple Stores worldwide listed in “Our Favorite Games.”  Macworld said “Air Hockey from Acceleroto is the best.”  Patrick Norton of Revision 3 called it “my favorite application…it is so awesome.”

We took our well known gameplay graphics from the iOS version and make them look great on your Mac.  This isn’t just a quick port from iOS – everything was custom tailored for an outstanding experience on your Mac.  From the AI to the size of the pucks & table, everything was molded for Mac mega-awesomeness.

You can pick Quick Play from the freshly-designed menu, then choose your difficulty & number of pucks to play a single game. To try your hand at full Air Hockey domination, select Tournament to start at 1 Puck Kiddie mode & work your way up all the way to 2 Puck INSANE!  In each mode, Air Hockey saves your best winning time and compares each game to your best.

You can select from four different themes.  The default theme is the popular blue table from the iOS version of Air Hockey, but pick whatever theme floats your boat.  Pucks & mallets are automatically matched to each table.

Updates are already in work to add new features like full-screen mode.  If Apple ever adds Game Center to the Mac, Air Hockey will get that upgrade too.

Check out the in-depth Air Hockey review by 9 To 5 Mac – including 5 minutes of game video.

Air Hockey will be available from the Mac App Store on launch day, January 6, 2010.  Hit it!

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