Doodle Hockey™ – New From Acceleroto!

Acceleroto is proud to announce Doodle Hockey™ !!

Doodle Hockey is next in a line of top selling and featured games from Acceleroto.  Taking lessons learned from our #1 best selling iPhone and iPad game Air Hockey, Doodle Hockey is a completely new game built from the ground up with all the best ideas from games past and filled with lots of new awesomeness.

We’re excited to work with the amazing artist Brett Archibald from Not How It Looks.  Brett’s art gives a cute, fun & instantly engaging feel to the game.  Kids, teens, and adults all the way up love the graphics!  Doodle Hockey’s sound design is handled by the award winning Tapio Liukkonen from Kaamos Sound.  With the high-powered combo of outstanding graphics & sound, Doodle Hockey is a completely addicting must-have game for the iPhone OS.

Doodle Hockey harnesses the power of Cocos2d for iPhone and the hyper-accurate physics engine Box2d.  Both work together to give you a game that anyone can learn in seconds that will keep you entertained with addicting replay value.  Stuck in a line?  Doodle Hockey.  Riding on a bus?  Doodle Hockey.  You need something to entertain your kids?  Doodle Hockey.  You need to play?  Doodle Hockey.

The graphics are done.  The sounds are rockin’.  The trademarks are filed.  Features & more features are being piled in.  Polish, polish, and more polish.  You’ll be able to get your hands on Doodle Hockey for your favorite device before you know it.

Doodle Hockey.  Available soon for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  Only from Acceleroto.

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