Godspeed, Steve.

Life would not be precious without the death we all will share.  We’re deeply saddened by Steve’s passing.  His death reminds us all how precious and how brilliant a single life can be.  It reminds us to seize our lives … Continue reading

Air Hockey gets Game Center!

A new update to our long time best selling Air Hockey is now in review at Apple.  The great news about this update is Game Center! Game Center is Apple’s latest major addition to the iPhone & iPod touch.  If … Continue reading

Buying and Setting up a 2010 Mac Pro with 3 Monitors? Read This First!

The 2010 Mac Pro is a nice bump in CPU performance and also has some great new graphics specs.  Be careful though, there are some caveats that Apple doesn’t tell you about before you order your $2,500 to $17,000 new … Continue reading

WWDC 101 – Guide to An Awesome WWDC

Doodle Hockey™ – New From Acceleroto!

Want to try Air Hockey? Go to an Apple Store!

Calling all iPhone devs!