Air Hockey gets Game Center!

A new update to our long time best selling Air Hockey is now in review at Apple.  The great news about this update is Game Center!

Game Center is Apple’s latest major addition to the iPhone & iPod touch.  If you’re familiar with OpenFeint or Plus+, those are somewhat similar to what Game Center brings to iOS.  It’s leaderboards and achievements wrapped around a social network of your best online friends and millions of other gamers.  For now, Game Center is available on iOS4.1 iPhone and iPod touch devices.  Game Center will come to the iPad in iOS4.2 this November.

Don’t worry, your hard-earned OpenFeint high scores and achievements are still there.  In the latest version of OpenFeint, version 2.7.1, you’ll see Game Center high scores sit right in there with your OpenFeint scores.  The game even automatically submits your previous accomplishments to Game Center!

When the Air Hockey update hits the streets, just sign in to Game Center using the standard Apple “Sign In” pop up and you’ll be on your way to OpenFeint and Game Center world domination.  Air Hockey version 1.11 with Game Center will be out soon!

If you don’t have it, go grab Air Hockey now!

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2 Responses to Air Hockey gets Game Center!

  1. Doug Davies says:

    I just submitted Tramp Stamp with GameCenter functionality using the OpenFeint integration. I only did the bare minimum for now (writing scores and achievements to GC). I didn't include GC scoreboards, since you can get that from the gc app. Good to see you got approved with this setup. Hoping this provides some extra exposure.

    • Bryan Duke says:

      Yeah, it got approved without direct links to the Game Center leaderboards & achievements, but users sent quite a few emails (and left some bad reviews) asking for in-app buttons for those. I updated the app with GC leaderboard & achievement buttons – Version 1.11.1 hit the store a few days ago.

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